Fitness with sexy belly dance

Fitness with sexy belly dance Shaping: At the Shebin Club, the reporter was surprised to find that there were also two foreign friends who came to dance belly dance. Although they were somewhat bloated, they did not affect their passion for belly dance. In the music full of Arabian style, with the shimmering waist accessories, […]

Listening to pure music is good for attention

Listening to pure music is good for attention . Listening to music at work is generally considered not serious enough, but a Japanese cable television company USEN study found that listening to 10 at work or during work breaks? 20-minute movie background music, piano music and other pure music, but it helps to improve work […]

Rubbing skin helps health

Rubbing skin helps health Previously, someone rubbed the skin with a dry cloth or rubbed the body with cold water to prevent colds and exercise. With the continuous development of medical technology, such fitness methods seem to have been forgotten. However, after investigating some people who persisted in rubbing exercises for a long time, they […]

5 things to keep in mind for life

5 things to keep in mind for life . When people bless a new couple, they will not forget to add a phrase “white head and old man”. White head and old man are indeed the most sincere blessings for a new couple. After all, if there is a true love, nothing in the world […]

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Small Stroke

Traditional Chinese Medicine for “Small Stroke” Stroke includes ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke, the ratio of the two is about 6: 1. In ischemic stroke, it includes transient ischemic attack (TIA, commonly known as minor stroke), cerebral thrombosis and cerebral embolism. The latter two are sometimes difficult to distinguish clinically, so they are collectively referred […]

2010 Fitness Collection

2010 Fitness Collection 1, the principle of fitness: the gradual principle: gradually increase the training time, intensity and frequency.   The principle of comprehensive training: the combination of aerobic exercise and strength training, taking into account the physical weakness and balance ability.   The principle of training diversity: often adjust the training method to give the body […]