What is the way to baby skin care in summer

What is the way to baby skin care in summer The weather has begun to become hot and humid, and it is not easy for the baby’s delicate skin to stay dry. The number of babies who see a dermatologist for treatment is increasing. Speaking of the skin diseases that babies are prone to, young […]

Fresh pear juice in winter

Fresh pear juice in winter Core Tips: It is easiest to have dry lips and thirst and dry skin in autumn and winter. At present, it is believed that pears are slightly cold and sweet, can refresh the body and quench thirst, moisten phlegm, moisturize the bowels, and so on.   Autumn and winter are the […]

Don’t say it!

锘? The most hurtful parents Don’t say it! The most hurtful parents Young people who are good at communication at work are always neglected to spend their time communicating with their parents. As everyone knows, some unintentional words will make the elderly suffer a lot and are extremely unfavorable to human health. The most common […]

Travel full baggage table

锘? Travel full baggage table The principle of point packing is to minimize the baggage, try to organize it into small pieces, leaving space for the souvenirs and gifts purchased during the trip. There are three tips for organizing your luggage: 1. Unusual, the heavier alkaline items are loaded first to facilitate handling. 銆€銆€2. Fragile […]