For cute clothes – I want to fatten

For cute clothes – I want to fatten

Shopping, the target is locked on the milk powder.
銆€銆€A friend said that she had eaten milk powder for one year in her senior year.
Later, the effect was obvious and fat.
My purpose is to gain weight.
I really don’t like to go home, my family always said, how to lose weight.
God, it’s going to be thin, but I’m going to lose weight.
I really don’t know how to say it.
My physique is like this, how to eat and eat fat.
I decided – I want to gain weight!
I don’t want to say that when I go home next time.
銆€銆€People are too thin, a lot of bad places.
When I went to buy clothes, I was particularly depressed.
Try this dress, um, too thin to support.
Try that coat, um, too thin like a child stealing an adult’s clothes.
Try that pair of pants, well, it’s too thin to look good.
The funny things in Linlin happened to me.
I decided – I want to gain weight!
For cute clothes.
銆€銆€In fact, I have been working hard to gain weight.
When I was in high school, I said that eating chocolate would be fat. I ate so much. I didn’t see me getting a little fat.
Every day I have a lot of meals and snacks.
I ate more than four meals a day, and I always found something to eat on the computer TV.
鍝巭~ My friend said that she has a lot of milk powder and I suggest that I try it too.
Even if it is not fat, it is good to increase nutrition.
Well, I will try.
銆€銆€Also, pay attention to rest time.
Too late to sleep is not good for the body, it will also be thin.
Well, I am jealous.
銆€銆€To maintain an optimistic attitude towards life, the heart is wide and fat.
Well, I smiled.
銆€銆€Come on ~~~