Body: Glam hula twists your sexy curve

Hula is a dance that originated in Hawaii. According to legend, the first hula dancer was the dancing god Raka, in order to welcome her sister Vulcan.

Later, people turned hula into a dance that “opens the door to the soul.”

In April of each year, the hula dance on the island of Hawaii will attract tourists from all over the country and the world to visit, because at this time, the island is hosting the grandest hula competition.

In fact, April itself is also the most suitable season for hula dances. The flexible waist movements and body dancing are the most aerobic exercises that do not require foundation and are suitable for all ages.

If you want to show your gradual lower abdomen and small curved waist in spring and summer, the short cut of the inverter is the hula dance.

  Tighten the waist line: 1.

With both hands on the side, lift up the remote control.


Raise your hips and swing your waist from side to side.

  Distortion: The dancer will feel that the whole waist is tight and hot. Although no large beads of sweat can be seen, the waist color of the waist will gradually deepen and become red. This burning sensation can probably be after the dance is overIt lasted for 40 minutes, because the aunt was still burning.

  Lift chest movements: 1.

The right arm is lifted parallel to the shoulder and bent upward at a 90-degree angle from the elbow joint.


Lift the left arm at the same height, and virtually support the elbow of the right arm.


Raise your hips, try to keep your upper body level, and swing your body against your arms.

  Twisting feeling: the front end is always hot, inserted into the waist-hip joint, where the muscle soreness is the most obvious, this is the entire hip is tightening, insist on the contrary, you will feel the hip line also raised.

  Slim thigh movements: 1.

Hold your hands and shoulders flat.


Raise one leg, bend it at 90 degrees, apply pressure to your toes, and keep your thighs tight.

  Distortion: For Asian women, stopping the last two pieces of slack excess meat seems a natural annoyance.

Keeping your legs stretched is the best way to eliminate excess meat on your knees and make your tibia look skinny.

  To smooth belly movements: 1.

The left arm is at the same height as the shoulders.

Stretch your right arm to your chest, leaning forward slightly.


Raise your hips and swing your body forward with both hands, keeping your upper abdomen strong.

  Twisting feeling: After a set of movements, there will be acid and swelling, which means that the abdominal muscles are exerting force, and the process of accidental conversion to muscles is realized.

Don’t worry about the obvious six pack muscles. With the movements of the arms and head, the belly is more stretched and smoothed, rather than forced.

  Xianxiu arm movements: 1.

Hold high and cross your hands.


Use the power of the shoulder arm to swing the waist.

  Twisting feeling: The muscles of the arm muscles can be tightened and then tightened. This feeling is most obvious when the body is bent or raised.

Although it may feel sour and heavy, the exercise of hula is to lengthen the muscles, rather than to swell the muscles like push-ups, so there is no need to worry about the biceps rising.

  Exposing beauty bone movements: 1.

The left arm extends to the chest.  2.

Raise the right arm at a 90-degree angle to the left arm.


The waist is driven to twist and swing.

  Twisted feeling: If you feel that your shoulders are slightly sour and your arms are hot, then congratulations, the aerobic power of the hula has been exerted on you, and these parts that usually have little opportunity for exercise have started to move.