2010 Fitness Collection

1, the principle of fitness: the gradual principle: gradually increase the training time, intensity and frequency.

  The principle of comprehensive training: the combination of aerobic exercise and strength training, taking into account the physical weakness and balance ability.

  The principle of training diversity: often adjust the training method to give the body fresher stimulation and improve the effect.

  Targeted training principles: Personalized training programs are developed based on individual fitness, fitness goals, and training conditions.

  2, the benefits of strength training: delay aging, prevent excessive reduction of injury and pain, beautify the body, improve posture, consume more doses, prevent and help treat diabetes, reduce blood lipids and diabetes, increase bone density, prevent joint disease 3, the role of flexibility exercises: improvePhysical function, prevent and treat sports injuries; can provide more blood and nutrition for joint tissues, so that it has better elasticity, can also improve the body’s ability, expand the range of joint movements, greatly reduce the probability of suffering; can improveBodybuilders improve recovery ability, promote muscle reconstruction, so that bodybuilders can withstand higher training levels; shape body and improve body shape; can help bodybuilders improve body balance and upright posture.