What is the way to baby skin care in summer

The weather has begun to become hot and humid, and it is not easy for the baby’s delicate skin to stay dry. The number of babies who see a dermatologist for treatment is increasing.

Speaking of the skin diseases that babies are prone to, young mothers can easily think of eczema. In fact, eczema is not as many as people think in the summer. On the contrary, some kind of skin diseases are scalp, insect bite dermatitis, yellow water sore and sandy dermatitisParents should be more careful when taking care of their babies.

  Do n’t apply “ten drops of water” directly to the mules: In summer, the outside temperature increases and humidity comes into contact. The baby ‘s head, head, chest and back, arm sockets and other places are prone to small blisters and pimples due to poor sweating, and itchingMake your baby uncomfortable, this is the most common bitch in summer.

Let your baby have fewer children. First, choose a cool, ventilated place to play and avoid excessive sweat.

If you sweat a lot, it is best to wipe it off with a soft towel as soon as possible to make the sweat evaporate better.

Wear loose, breathable cotton and linen clothes and change wet clothes in a timely manner.

Give him more rolls while he is asleep.

Avoid washing with hot water and soap.

Some parents feel that ten drops of water clear the heat and detoxify the baby and apply it to the skin, but ten drops of water is not a topical medicine, which contains ingredients such as pepper, which may stimulate the baby’s tender skin.

  Mosquito nets and screens can reduce insect bite dermatitis: there are many kinds of mosquitoes in summer, and adults may only have a little redness after being stung, but the baby’s skin is not as well tolerated.The response is larger than that of adults, especially where the head, face and limbs are exposed, and some pimples, erythema, and even obvious edema and bruising can make parents feel distressed.

The best way to prevent insect bite dermatitis is to equip your baby’s bed and stroller with mosquito nets, screens and other things that can replace mosquitoes.

In addition, the baby’s exposed skin is coated with anti-mosquito water when going out, and at the same time wearing a thin cotton cloth, relatively wide long trousers can also reduce the chance of mosquito bites.

If there is an infection in the bite area or the baby is feverish, it is best to go to the hospital for a doctor’s diagnosis immediately.

  The surrounding environment should be less stagnant: yellow water sore, also called pustular herpes, is a skin disease that is easy to get for young children in summer. It belongs to some kind of bacterial infection.Scratching, there will be such a long epidermal ulceration around the body, and this sore is contagious, the longer and more.

Some parents panicked at the sight of the baby’s rashes, and didn’t know what to do.

Don’t worry so much about this skin disease, because it will get better after using some topical anti-inflammatory drugs, and will not leave scars in the future.

But it’s better than other skin diseases. Parents are better to calm down a bit. Don’t go to the hospital one by one. This will delay time and increase the baby’s chance of spreading other diseases.

To reduce the chance of contracting yellow water sores, in addition to not playing with sick children, you must choose a place to play outdoors. There are more mosquitoes in the garden, grass or other places, so you should go as little as possible.

Your baby should choose a bright, dry, clean place to play to prevent this skin disease.

  Play with sand and soil in moderation: children like too many toys, which may include sand and soil, especially when outdoor picnics.

However, the sandy soil has been playing for a long time, and a skin disease called sandy dermatitis is prone to occur.

The back of the sick baby’s hands, forearms and joints will appear pinpoint-sized pimples, and the transformation of the disease will change more and more.

It ‘s all about playing with sand, water, or even soap bubbles for a long time. Skin problems caused by this friction may occur, so parents must control the time that their children play with something.Itching causes infection.

  Bathing correctly is important: It is important to learn to bathe your baby properly in the summer. Mastering the right methods can reduce the risk of skin infections.

The weather is hot in summer and the child sweats a lot, so use warm water to bathe the child to make the pores open and smooth, which is conducive to the evaporation of sweat.

At the same time, clean and dry skin can reduce the infestation of mosquitoes on children.

Do not use too hot water, and do not wash it many times a day, so as not to damage the child’s own skin’s shielding effect against adverse damage, wash once or twice a day.

Use a child-friendly cleaner every time you take a bath, and don’t soak it in water for too long.

After washing, apply talcum powder to the skin wrinkles that are prone to moisture, to prevent “salting” the baby’s delicate skin.