Pregnant Yoga Yoga Breath Adjustment and Relaxation

Pregnant Yoga Yoga Breath Adjustment and Relaxation

It may seem difficult to start practicing meditation, but as long as you learn to concentrate your thoughts, meditation practice becomes simple and comfortable, which can purify your mind and generate new vitality.

  After practicing the victory breathing method, imagine that you are in the beautiful scenery. You can imagine standing alone on the beach, seeing the sun on the blue sky, and hearing the sound of the waves beating against the beach. You observe the color of the sea, sky and clouds, and listen to the wavesRaging sounds and seagull calls, breathing the salty smell in the air, you are walking towards the beach while picking shells on the beach. The most important point in imagination is to play all the senses and create one in your mind.Clear visions and then immerse yourself in them to see if you can relax in them.

  Of course, you don’t have to imagine yourself by the sea, you can choose forests, waterfalls or other wonderful places.

Absolutely real or illusory, the sudden truth that resets this imagination or fantasy, evokes the resonance of vision, touch, hearing and smell in consciousness.

  Pregnant women often choose to imagine their children, imagine the appearance of unborn children, and pay attention to their health.

Summary of Recipes for Lower Extremity Ulcers

Summary of Recipes for Lower Extremity Ulcers

First wash the affected area with fresh saline or strong tea, apply the tofu residue to the affected area, change it once a day, and treat the lower extremity ulcers.

Sprinkle white sugar powder on the wound and wrap it with gauze.

Replace it every 5-7 days to cure bedsores and lower extremity ulcers.

Squid bone powder is applied externally to the affected area to treat lower extremity ulcers.

Cut the jackfruit bark, apply the penetrating juice, and apply it twice a day to treat lower limb ulcers.

Pumpkin squash mashes and wraps the wound, or dries the affected area by spraying the ground powder to cure the lower extremity ulcers.

Ingredients: 100 grams of live earth dragon, 30 grams of sugar.

Method: Wash the ground dragon, put it into a bowl, add sugar, wait for the dragon to turn into a liquid, filter, add an appropriate amount of berberine, and autoclave.

Usage: Apply the medicine to the affected area.

Twice a day.

What are the dietary methods for premature ejaculation?

What are the dietary methods for premature ejaculation?

What are the dietary methods for premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation causes a lot of stress in men. No one wants other people’s tragedies to happen to themselves, but they gradually find themselves on their own, and then they can only actively face it, so what is the dietary method of premature ejaculation?

  Premature ejaculation is an alternative to premature ejaculation when you have prepared for sexual intercourse (including psychological preparation), or inserted the penis into the vagina for a few seconds, but did not reach orgasm.

Is one of the most common male sexual dysfunction.

The clinical manifestation is that the spermatozoon is excreted in a very short time of intercourse, and even the sperm is discharged before intercourse.

So how should we treat premature ejaculation?

The key to the treatment of premature ejaculation is how to increase the stimulation threshold.

People with premature ejaculation who are caused by organic mutations can generally be treated with non-drugs. As long as they are persistent, they can achieve the effects that drugs cannot.

The root cause of premature ejaculation is that the stimulus threshold required for ejaculation is too low. Non-drug treatment also raises the threshold to eliminate the connection between stimulus and response.

  The therapeutic method of premature ejaculation: fumigation method: You can use Chinese galvanized seeds and fry for about 30 minutes with mild fire, then add an appropriate amount of warm water, fumigate the glans of the penis for a few minutes while hot.

Wait until the water temperature drops to 30?
About 40 ℃, soak the glans in the medicinal solution for about 5?
10 minutes.

Once a night, it has the effect of astringent and anti-drain.

  External coating method: Asarum, male clove, hippocampus, snake bed, epimedium, plus 75% alcohol.

Soak the above Chinese medicine in alcohol for 30 days, filter and pour into a bottle with a nozzle. Before each intercourse, rub or spray the glans 1?
2 times, after 2?
You can have sex in 3 minutes.

It has the effects of nourishing kidney and aphrodisiac and strengthening essence.

  Food therapy: You can often take mutton rice porridge or you can chew 2-3 pieces of walnut kernels and 1 piece of ginger at the same time before going to bed every night.

  Massage method: Use your right thumb, index finger and middle finger to grasp the left middle finger, and pull from the root of your finger to the tip of your finger until the skin becomes red; or use the three fingers of your right hand to press the bone between the ring finger of your left hand and the little finger;Just make the skin red.

Or press the 4th lumbar spine frequently.

  Daily therapy: In daily life, if it is a man who corrects premature ejaculation, then do not indulge in long-term indulgence and sex, and replace masturbation. This will easily lead to male mental fatigue, prone to spasm, premature ejaculation, etc.

Five tips for winter diet

Five tips for winter diet

Essentials for cold protection: The basic principle of health in winter should be “Tibet”.

Because the body’s metabolism is relatively slow after the yang of the human body is closed, it depends on the “money”, the driving force of life.

Therefore, it is very important to keep healthy in winter.

  In the first round, eat more cold food. Focus: Waist and knees are sour and soft. Countermeasures: Waist and knees are sour. Most of those who suffer from qi and blood are chills. Appropriate replacement of foods with warming effects for warming and conditioning can improve this situation.

Eating more cold foods can increase pressure and heat and body tissues, enhance physical fitness, promote metabolism, and improve the body’s ability to prevent cold.

  No secret recipe: Lamb porridge takes 100 grams of fresh lamb, 100 grams of previous rice, salt, spring onion, and ginger.

Wash and slice the mutton, chop green onions and ginger into small pieces for later use.

Wash the previous rice, add the lamb and condiments to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, first boil over high heat, and then boil over low heat to make porridge.

This porridge has the effects of benefiting qi and blood, warming the spleen and stomach, and adding essence and replenishing the marrow, leading to deficiency of yang, intake of qi and blood, and tenderness in the waist and knees.

  Increasing the amount of hot nutrients produced in the second round Focus: weak body and fear of cold Countermeasure: Due to the severe cold weather in winter, the body consumes a corresponding increase in energy every day to adapt to the surrounding cold environment, so it is necessary to increase the replacement of heat-producing nutrients (protein, trace, fat).
The amount, especially the relative increase in some occasional intake, such as adding a little fat when eating amaranth.

  No secret recipe: olive syrup stewed lean meat 15 grams olive, syrup 50 grams, lean meat 100 grams, candied dates 1.

Wash the lean meat, boil it in boiling water and cut into pieces. Wash and slice the Sydney and then wash the olives. Add jujube to the stew pot and add 250 ml of water, and simmer for two hours.

This dish is good for swallowing, nourishing yin and moisturizing.

  Third round of supplementary methionine Focus: Cold hands and feet Countermeasure: Frigid weather increases the amount of creatine excreted in human urine and slightly accelerates metabolism, while synthetic creatine, fatty acid and the body’s oxidation release all require a nailbase.

Therefore, in winter, you should take more food containing methionine precipitation.

  No secret recipe: Take 150-200 ml of fresh milk with sweetened ginger juice, add a spoon of ginger juice and infused sugar, and put it in a container and steam for 15 minutes.

This drink has the effect of dispel cold and stomach, drink a cup every day, the cold of hands and feet will gradually lose.

  The fourth round of vitamins must not be less focused: cold chills and abdominal pain countermeasures: severe cold weather will increase the body’s oxidation and heat, and the body’s vitamin metabolism will also change significantly.

Increase vitamin A to enhance the body’s cold resistance.

Increase the intake of vitamin C to improve the human body’s ability to adapt to severe cold and make blood vessels have a good protective effect.

Vitamin A comes mainly from foods such as animal liver, carrots, dark green vegetables, and vitamin C comes mainly from foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

  No secret recipe: a pound of fresh pork liver, freshly fried pork liver, washed, cut into thin slices with a diagonal knife; use salt, cooking wine, ginger, pepper, raw soy sauce, MSG and seasoned raw powderPickle the liver (if you like spiced, you can put some spiced powder). Heat the frying pan with some oil. Spread the pork liver in the pan and fry one side and turn the other side.After mixing some soy sauce, you can put out the pan and serve.

This dish is rich in vitamin A, which can relieve the symptoms of abdominal pain caused by chills.

  The fifth focus of the appropriate amount of mineral injection: weak constitution, often cold countermeasures: people’s fear of cold and the body’s absorption of mineral quality also have a certain relationship.

For example, the amount of calcium in the human body can directly affect the stretchability and excitability of the human heart muscle, blood vessels and muscles. Calcium supplementation can improve the body’s cold resistance.

Calcium-rich foods include milk, soy products, and kelp.

Salt is also very important for the body’s cold protection. It can enhance the body’s heat production function. Therefore, in the winter season, it is mainly spicy and hot, but it should not be too salty.

  No secret recipe: kelp tofu kelp knot half a catty, a box of northern tofu, ginger slices, spring onions, salt, chicken essence amount.

Wash the kelp knots for future use, cut the tofu into 3 cm square pieces; add the right amount of oil, at 50% oil temperature, add ginger slices and scallions; add tofu and salt; fry to about yellow for 1 minute, stir fryAdd seaweed and stir fry for about one minute; add water, spread 1 cm over the main ingredients, add chicken essence; continue to simmer for about 8 minutes, the excess soup can be taken out of the pot.

This dish is rich in calcium and beneficial to the heart muscle.

  Outside the window are flying snowflakes, a table inside the house is rich and nourishing, you and him under the soft light.

How beautiful and warm this night is!

Six Secrets to Unexpected Longevity

Six Secrets to Unexpected Longevity


Don’t ask for part-time work at home.

  A survey of 302 adults shows that as long as one hour of room cleaning, floor cleaning, and window cleaning is performed every day, ordinary people can burn 285 calories, reducing the possibility of death by 30%.


Take the challenge.

  Scientific research shows that those who are highly self-disciplined, organized and organized do things longer, and they are 89% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those who are less responsible.

Therefore, people need to meet various difficulties and challenges, and they need to constantly try new things to stimulate the brain.


Have close friends.

  Good interpersonal relationships can reduce the effects of stress relief.

Studies have shown that chronic chronic stress can expand the body’s immune function, allow cells to age and recover, and ultimately lead to a shortened life span of 4-8 years.


Going to college will also make you live longer.

  Recent research from Harvard Medical School shows that people who have been educated for more than 12 years can live 18 months longer than those who have received alternative education.

The reason is: the more education you have, the less likely you are to smoke.


Keep up with the times.

  Get more exposure to new technologies to keep brain cells young and healthy.

Getting in touch with new technologies and family, friends and society will keep the elderly agile and full of energy.


Avoid traffic jams.

  A recent German study showed that the expected gains from a traffic disruption have tripled.

Although the relationship between the two is uncertain, scientists have speculated that air pollution caused by the continuous flow of cars and the pressure caused by traffic congestion will increase the probability of illness.

Why recurrent pelvic inflammatory disease

Why recurrent pelvic inflammatory disease

Recurrent pelvic inflammatory disease is a “nightmare” for many women.

The medication improved slightly, and the lower abdomen began to ache again shortly after.

As a result, pelvic inflammatory disease is divided into acute and chronic, and if it is frequently repeated, it is mostly chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is mostly due to the untimely and incomplete treatment of acute pelvic inflammatory disease, leaving the root cause.

Here are a few “fire lines” that often lead to recurrent episodes of pelvic inflammatory disease in women. Female patients should pay more attention.


Treatment is not standardized and the duration of medication is insufficient. Many women insist on treatment during acute attacks.

However, if the symptoms are improved after treatment onset, the condition will be ignored and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease will be affected.

Yes, whether the pelvic inflammatory disease can be cured and whether the medicine can be discontinued needs to be evaluated by a gynecologist.


There is no good cleanliness and hygiene habits during menstrual period. Endometrial dissection and menstrual period will cause the blood sinus to expand, creating a good environment for the growth of bacteria. If you use unclean sanitary napkins or even menstrual sex during this period, it is easy to make the bacteria more likelyTake advantage of it.

In addition to hygienic habits, the cleaning habits of some women are also prone to extremes, especially changing the use of various cleaning agents, soap to wash the vagina, destroying the original environment of the vaginal flora, and more easily lead to pelvic inflammatory disease such as hydrosalpinx.


Excessive sexual life, not paying attention to cleaning, especially when the pelvic inflammatory disease has not improved, changing sexual life, before the intercourse, after the intercourse without paying attention to cleaning, it is easy to cause pelvic inflammatory disease again, or aggravate the serious illness.


Females with reduced immunity have pathogenic bacteria in their vagina. Modern people are under high pressure of life, often stay up late to work overtime, often have no meals, and even to maintain body diet, leading to decreased body resistance, pathogenic bacteria will take advantage of it.Causes pelvic inflammatory disease.


Repeated abortion It is understood that repeated abortion is an important cause of pelvic inflammatory disease in many young women, especially the abortion surgery in clinics that are not far away, leading to many sequelae such as infection.

When women do not have a fertility plan, it is best to take measures, and they need to go to the hospital for treatment of abortion surgery, so it is best to follow up and check regularly.


Poor living habits, such as wearing tight pants, sitting for a long time, and taking a menstrual bath can all cause pelvic inflammatory disease.

Doing hot yoga in the summer is faster than sweating

Doing hot yoga in the summer is faster than sweating

“Hot Yoga” is a very popular sport. Even in the three-volt days that are so stuffy and air tight, there are still a lot of enthusiasts insisting on practicing.

For these loyal fans of hot yoga, the biggest charm of hot yoga is to simulate the high temperature climate in India, because the founders found that practicing yoga in the high temperature environment is particularly effective.

So how hot is the temperature of hot yoga?

  The temperature of the room is generally controlled at 38 ° C?
Between 42 ° C and 60% humidity, it will be particularly dry in high temperature environments.

Different from other traditional yoga, each practice of hot yoga does not change. Each lesson repeats 26 individual styles based on Hada yoga, which helps to regulate the microcirculation of the body, improve the flexibility of the body, strengthen muscles andEach joint and ligament drains excess water and toxins from the body.

  The following two kinds of people are good for practicing hot yoga: first, the person who incubates the air conditioner all day.

For those who go out to drive and enter the air conditioner, there is no chance of sweating in the hot summer, and practicing hot yoga can help them experience the fun after sweating, which is especially good for health.

  Secondly, because practicing hot yoga in a high-temperature classroom, the speed of blood flow will increase, the body temperature will rise, and undesirable substances in the blood will also be discharged through sweat. Therefore, people who want to detoxify are also recommended to practice.

  Dance fractures: Train your body for balance and help you open your hip code more: Grab the right front joint with your right hand, shift your sides, and raise your knees to keep your heels as far away from your tibia as possible.

Hold 5 breaths and change the other side tip: be sure to push the short part forward.

  Eagle fracture: open 13 major joints throughout the body to improve balance code: left hand up, right hand down, hands twisted and folded, thumbs facing nose, right foot up, wrapped around left calf, stepping down and sitting down,Keep your elbows up, keep 5 breaths, and change the other side. Tips: The main leg should not cross the tip of your toes. If your feet cannot be hooked, you can stick them on your calves, but they must overlap.

All movements must be combined with breathing exercises to speed up metabolism in a “nasal suction and vomiting” manner.

  Warrior II Side Inclined Limbs: Increase leg strength and help you to fracture your upper body. It has a lateral twist action that can stimulate massage of the visceral code: The start of the action begins with Warrior II.

Bend to the left, touch the left upper joint with your left hand, and lift your right hand to your ear.

Hold 5 breaths and change the other side tip: your waist should be at the same height as your step.

  Legs with separated legs: Stretch the muscles and ligaments at the back of the leg, and open the shoulder joint code: Separate your feet, as wide as your two sides, your toes can be slightly buckled inside, your hands behind your body, fingers crossedFold forward and keep 5 breathing tips: Straighten your back and try to open your shoulders.

  Arch fractures: increase the strength of the back muscles and strengthen the spine’s ability to bend backwards. Code: hold your cross joints with both hands, touch the big toes, open the thoracic spine, and keep the heel away from the tibia as far as possible. Tips: ToWithdraw slightly, don’t lean back too much on the right, this will put too much pressure on the companion.

  Compared with the comfort of practicing hot yoga in winter, Xiao Dingyu should pay more attention to self-protection when practicing hot yoga in summer. First, bring a towel and water when practicing, and pay attention to replenishing water at any time.

Since the hot yoga teaching aid is an air-conditioned room, the temperature difference is large, it is recommended to put on a towel after class, wait until the sweat is completely dry, and then take a bath after the pores shrink.

Because when the pores are opened, blowing the air conditioner immediately can easily catch a cold like Xiaomi.

  In fact, when entering a hot yoga classroom from a hot place, you may experience dizziness. At this time, it is not appropriate to practice immediately. You can tell the teacher to start exercising after adjusting the body.

  Third, don’t be incapable when practicing, pay attention to self-protection and adjust the range of breathing and movement.

  Finally, the frequency of hot yoga practice should not be too much, 90 minutes between classes, twice a week, because the hot yoga classroom is particularly hot, the practice is too alternating, and the skin will be very dry.

In addition, as each person’s resistance is different, beginners can experience a short 60-minute class first.

Increased pressure difference when cardiovascular sclerosis

Increased pressure difference when cardiovascular sclerosis

When people measure blood pressure, they pay attention to the two values of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, but pay little attention to the “pulse pressure difference”.

As everyone knows, the increased pulse pressure difference is common in elderly hypertensive patients, and it is also excessive in dyslipidemia and diabetic patients.

It is harmful to health.

  The difference between systolic and diastolic blood pressure is called the pulse pressure difference.

The ideal blood pressure is that the systolic blood pressure is 90-120 mm Hg, the diastolic blood pressure is 60-80 mm Hg, and the pulse pressure difference is between 30-40 mm Hg.

If the pulse pressure difference is greater than 60 mm Hg, it is too large; if it is less than 20 mm Hg, the pressure difference is too small.

  Increased pulse pressure is often a “barometer” of arterial blood vessel health.

Once the surge in pressure is found, the first thing to consider is whether there is arteriosclerosis.

This will cause the elasticity of the arterial vessel wall to weaken, increase rigidity, and the blood pumped into the aorta by the heart cannot be adjusted elastically, thereby increasing the burden on the heart.

For elderly hypertensive patients, this may mean an increased risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events.

  There are many reasons for the increase in pulse pressure.

In addition to arteriosclerosis, long-term elevated blood pressure causes overload of the myocardium, leading to enlarged heart or aortic valve insufficiency, and the pressure difference will also increase.

Hyperthyroidism may also lead to an enlarged pulse pressure difference.

Sometimes, overwork and poor sleep can also cause temporary increases in pressure in healthy people.

  In general, patients with hyperthyroidism will have an increased pulse pressure difference, and they will have panic after exertion, accompanied by symptoms of overeating, wasting, fear of heat, sweating, and irritability, as well as varying degrees of goiter, eye protrusion, and hand tremor.

In other populations, there is no obvious symptom of increased pulse pressure difference.

Aortic valve insufficiency develops to the later stage, and then there will be asthma and chest tightness when walking.

Therefore, if you find that your pulse pressure difference has increased, you should go to the hospital for examination in time.

If thyroid disease is suspected, basal metabolic rate and serum T3 and T4 tests need to be performed.

Others can perform cardiac ultrasound examinations under the guidance of a doctor to find the culprit.

  There is no “targeted” method to reduce the pulse pressure difference. You can exercise, change your diet, and have a certain range of regular schedules.

But more importantly, you should actively lower blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar, and stop smoking and limit alcohol.

Especially for people with underlying diseases, the primary disease is controlled and the pulse pressure difference will naturally narrow.

Porridge Health Makes Men More Confident

Porridge Health Makes Men More Confident

In addition to the expected mental conditioning, premature ejaculation patients should also pay attention to diet conditioning.

Here are some medicines to treat premature ejaculation.

  1, Zhishi porridge: raw Zhishi and wheat bran each amount, first fry into yellow, take 20 grams each time.

Another 30 grams of rice or glutinous rice was selected. Add 500 ml of water to the casserole, and fry it with gentle heat until it is slightly rolled or boiled.

Take it once daily in the morning and evening on an empty stomach, swapping while warm.

However, it should be terminated during the period when the patient has a cold or fever.

It is not good to have two stools, sputum, and those with full chest and abdomen should not take it.

  2. Golden cherry porridge: 15 grams of golden cherry, add 200 ml of water, fry to 100 ml, remove the residue and juice, add 100 grams of previous rice or glutinous rice, add 600 ml of water, and cook into a gruel.

Take warm daily in the morning and evening, 5-7 days as a course of treatment.

However, it is not suitable for patients with colds or fevers.

  3. Leek congee: first fry the chives in low heat, take 10 grams of chives each time, the previous 50 grams of rice, the amount of fine salt, add 500 ml of water into the casserole, and cook until the rice porridge is thick.

Take it twice a day, warm.

However, those with yin deficiency, fire, and normal yang hyperactivity should not be taken.

  4, lotus meat porridge: first finely ground lotus seeds, take 15 grams of lotus powder each time, add 30 grams of glutinous rice, brown sugar to the same amount, fry in a casserole, change to simmer, and cook to a thick consistency.

However, those with full bloating and dry stool should avoid taking it; those with cracks, kidneys, palate, hemorrhoids, qi stagnation, swelling, constipation, and inability to eat should not be used.

  5. Bacon congee: Take 15 grams of washed mango meat each time, 50 grams of glutinous rice, appropriate amount of brown sugar, add the same into a casserole, add 500 ml of water, burn gently to a slight boil or boil, the rice porridge is thick, and the surface has porridge
From morning to morning, fasting and warming clothes once a day, 10 days as a course of treatment.

However, patients with heavy phlegm and unfavorable urination should not take it.

  6, walnut kernel porridge: 50 grams of walnut meat, smashed.

Prior to 50 grams of rice, add water as usual to cook porridge.

After the porridge is cooked, add the walnut meat, mix thoroughly, boil slightly, and serve when the porridge oil floats.

Can be taken once a day in the morning and evening.

It should not be taken for patients who have diarrhea and loose stools.

  7. Keel porridge: 30 grams of calcined keel, mashed, add 200 ml of water to the casserole, fry for 1 hour, clarify, remove the residue, take the juice, add 100 grams of glutinous rice, add 600 ml of water, the amount of brown sugar, and cook into a thickPorridge.
Warm food in the morning and evening on an empty stomach, 5 days as a course of treatment.

  8. Leek porridge: Effectively relieve male premature ejaculation. Practice: first fry the chives in low heat, take 10 grams of chives each time, the previous 50 grams of rice, the amount of fine salt, add 500 ml of water to the casserole, and cook until the rice is thick.Just fine.
Take it twice a day, warm.
However, those with yin deficiency, fire, and normal yang hyperactivity should not be taken.

Twenty hints of love

Twenty hints of love

Remember Chen Xiaochun’s “Love Flu”?

“Love is like a virus, silent and interestless” . In fact, otherwise, love you always want to tell you, secretly hints, smart you, don’t be careless, let go of love carefully!

Hehe, let’s take a look -1.

The implied method of wordless love letters was popular in the 80’s, but I didn’t understand it then.

One day, I received an inexplicable letter with the stamp on it.

  I recognized a parliamentarian’s handwriting, but it was empty in the Federation.

  Maybe because he didn’t hear back, he couldn’t help coming to me at last, holding a thick stack of blank paper, “This time you don’t have to excuse me without writing papers and not replying.


I love Aiwu and Wu, I first knew it, then I knew her.

She often takes that puppy to walk in the park at night, and then I and her become good friends, and then I and her become good friends.

One day, while we were resting on a bench, I patted the puppy and said to it, “Tell your master that you still need a male master to take care of it.


Divination is my favorite way of telling fortunes to others using poker cards, so there are countless friends who come to me to ask for my fortune, but I just don’t count her, just tell her; “Your destiny is natural.

“Of course she is not very satisfied.

  Then I told her again: “My destiny is also destined, and we have a destiny.

“In the end she didn’t believe in destiny, but agreed with my prediction.


In fact, I do n’t know the Five Elements, but I pretend to be a warlock and grab her hand. “I ‘ll show you the image.

And talk nonsense.

  Then I scored my hand to show her, “Please pay attention to my palm print and your own palm print.

“Taking my palms with her in a stern way.”

  ”Do you know what this is called?

“I pretended to be deep, and then said,” This is a sympathy.


Whoever is stupid is always saying that I am stupid, because I always step on her feet when dancing.

But I think she is stupid than me, and it is easier to eat than dance, but she keeps stepping on my feet under the table.

  Now thinking, I’m still stupid.


The love between male and female protagonists in Borrowing and Returning Pearl novels often begins with borrowing books. I never thought I would meet them. Every time he came to me, he would borrow books and save them carefully.

  Later he put a note in the book, “I like you”.


She was named the “Women” after a big fight, because the men around her had been uncontrollable by her flesh.

With the exception of me, she was polite and obedient to me.

  Later she was no longer called a “woman” because she suddenly became kind to the men around her.

The only exception was me, who was often beaten by her.


The avatar couple is very good to me, but the girl’s mind is hard to guess, and it always feels a little rushing away.

Later, I specially found an old classmate to take a walk with me. Of course, it was also a girl. When she appeared, we pretended to be very intimate.She really believed it, tears almost ran out, and turned and ran.

I immediately chased after her and said, “Don’t be angry. I tried you. Now I know. I do it because I like you.”

“She burst into tears.

This is how our dragging started.


The role of photos I liked her when I was a sophomore, but I don’t know if she feels the same as me.

So I remade and enlarged a picture of her and put it on my desk.

When she came to play, I let her sit down at the table, and then washed the apple out for a reason.

When she looked at the books and periodicals on the table, she naturally saw the picture of herself below. She was surprised, but she was actually very happy, and I could see it.

At this moment I rushed over and said, “I’m sorry.

I like to do this, if you are not happy, I will take it away immediately.

But she hurriedly said, “Don’t, don’t, it’s fine. Actually, there is better in my family. I’ll give it to you tomorrow!”

“At this time, I definitely feel positive about myself.


The distance and love are continuous, but since neither side has said a word of love, I have no idea of the relationship with him.

One day we two went out to dinner and used to sit facing each other, and I sat beside him on that occasion.

A subtle change has narrowed the distance between the two sides, and he naturally knows my heart.

He was very excited that day and had a lot of words. The closer distance seemed to increase his courage. His hand climbed to my nose. He turned his face to whisper, and I buried my head in his arms.

Our love energy has come to today, thanks to the change in distance.


Falling learned There was a walk in the park once. I wanted to try to see how much my relationship with him progressed, and he made me look like he was going to fall. He naturally hugged me instinctively.

  I put his arms around his chest and said, “You are bad, you are bad!

He held tighter and said, “There is worse.

“This is the first time he has kissed me. Naturally, my feelings have taken a step forward, and I feel relieved.


Step by step, “A girl asked me to watch a movie.

“I said, she was nervous, eagerly waiting.

Then I turned around: “But I declined.

“She smiled and relaxed.

I chased after the victory: “I just want to see with you.

“As a result, we went holding hands that day.


Show me a ride. He stood at the door of the company every day and watched me ride away before he left.

Almost wind and rain.

But every time he threw me into a panic, but he didn’t die, he was a coward!

Then I couldn’t help but went up and said, “Send me a ride, okay?

“He agreed so quickly that he couldn’t hide his excitement.


How to borrow books She often comes to me to borrow books. What is interesting is that the books I have borrowed are still borrowed like new ones, and I am interested to ask me how the books are.

Then I asked her: “How can I not borrow books?
A book was borrowed several times.
But she said with a quote: “I did it on purpose, otherwise you really think I like your book!”


Huayu Valentine ‘s Day on February 14, she called and asked me: “Do you know what 3 roses represent?

I said, “Of course, the flower is‘ I love you ‘.

She was silent for a while and started to blame me: “If you know, why not send me a copy?”

Is the postman still on the road?


In fact, she did n’t understand cooking at all, but she talked to me about all kinds of delicious food, and she said that she would cook for me.

As a result, she made a sautéed fried steak, which failed to conquer my appetite, but moved my heart.


The romantic move Everyone says that the person engaged in art is the most romantic, but in addition to drawing or painting all day, he makes me doubt whether I am passionate.

He dispelled my doubts with a painting: the beautiful long smoke in the desert, the mountains outside the setting sun, he took my hand to the journey.

  18 years old

Analogy One night I was chatting at her house, talking and talking, and she suddenly said nothing.

Then staring at me, she smiled and said, “The tone of your speech is the same as that of my father talking to my mother.

“I can’t help but feel shocked.


She was ashamed of the false alarm, and she broke the window paper.

We had dinner together and she raised the glass with exception.

After three visits, she revealed to me: “A man chased me.

“I’m in a hurry right now.” Don’t wait for food.

“” They are excellent.

“I’m more anxious.” Didn’t you notice that the man dangling in front of your eyes is excellent?

She smiled. “That man is you.


“Same as you” Once she asked me, “Find a style girlfriend in the future?”

“I knew she was testing me, and she replied,” He is as tall as you, he is as heavy as you, his mouth is as small as you, and his face is as round as you.

She interrupted me. “How many of them?”

“” One is enough, I only love you, believe me! ”

When it comes to this, you can be clear.

Although she complained about my poor mouth, she smiled most happily that day. She thought that she finally seduced me, but I didn’t think so.