Which fourteen types of men are the most prone to embarrassment?

Some scholars have analyzed the characteristics of divorce caused by extramarital affairs and third-party involvement in Shanghai. According to the analysis and summary of relevant research, the following men are easier or more likely to have extramarital affairs (but not thatThere will definitely be an affair).


Rich and powerful men, their money and part of them are especially favored by young and beautiful women.


Man dissatisfied with his wife.

If they are dissatisfied with the relationship of the husband or wife, appearance, personality, sex life, etc., they are likely to seek compensation outside the family.


Merry “Don Juan” and love players.

Most of them play life, play with women in the palm of their hands, lack a sense of responsibility, and rarely have true love.


The boss or supervisor of the company.

They often have the opportunity to meet some young women who deserve them or actively pursue them.


Forty or fifty year old man.

At this time, men’s general career was successful, they had a lot of money, and suddenly they were stable and responsible, and their social experience was rich, so they became the fantasy goals of many young women.

But in the face of the “wife” and their long-term oppressed sex, they are likely to be involved in extramarital affairs.


Men whose wives are in pregnancy and childbirth may not be able to reorganize to seduce and go out to cheat.


At home there are “big women” men.

In some parts of modern society and in some families, feminism is rampant and strong women run rampant.

A man who meets such a wife has no hierarchy and no majesty, so he is likely to find a “gentle lamb” and talk about compensation to maintain psychological balance.


Men who unfortunately experience exacerbation of unemployment or demotion, they seek sustenance or release through extramarital affairs.


Men seeking romance or excitement.


White collar men.


Men who travel frequently or permanently.


Premarital sex experienced men.


Some in the circle of friends have affair men.


Men whose parents have had an affair.

  Studies by foreign scholars have found that most of the parents or ancestors of ex-marital affairs have experienced ex-marital affairs, so they have a hereditary symbol.

It does not mean physiological inheritance or psychological inheritance.
According to analysis, it is mainly due to retaliation or compensation from previous generations.