Why “Spicy and Hot” can cure colds?

Cold is a kind of disease that harasses people most often. According to the latest issue of Taiwan’s “Health” magazine, “Eat delicious and spicy” is actually the best way to reduce the symptoms of colds.
So why does “eat fragrant and spicy” cure colds?
  When you have a cold, some nasal discharge and sputum appear in the respiratory tract, which makes you feel uncomfortable. In fact, snot and sputum are not necessarily bad things.
This is because the inflammation of the respiratory tract that accompanies a cold can produce waste such as viruses, bacteria, and necrotic cells. The function of sputum and snot is to help remove these “bad wastes.”
Spicy foods will cause increased secretions in the respiratory tract. When our respiratory tract encounters the above substances, it will secrete some sticky things to envelop them, and strengthen the cilia movement of the respiratory tract surface to expel foreign bodies.
From this point of view, eating fragrant and spicy food can promote the discharge of snot or sputum, thereby helping to recover from a cold.
  Mount Sinai Hospital in the United States once divided healthy men and women into three groups of 15 people, and let them drink cold water, hot water and chicken soup.
As a result, the group that drank chicken soup was the fastest to expel mucus from the respiratory organs on the nasal mucosa test.
So scientists suggest that you should drink a lot of chicken broth when you have a cold, and add a lot of pepper, spicy curry powder and garlic to the chicken broth to make tears and snot flow, and achieve sputum effect.
  Among them, the best effect is pepper, which can dilute the secreted mucus, so as not to obstruct the respiratory tract.
University of California professor Evan Chiman even said, “Many cold and cough medicines sold in pharmacies have the same effect as pepper, but I think it is better to eat pepper because it has no side effects at all.