Don’t do too hard in winter sex

The “Nei Jing” states that “when there is no essence in winter, it must be warm in spring.” It is said that the winter climate is cold and the human body needs a lot of energy to protect it from cold. Therefore, sexual life in winter should not be excessive.Be gentle, but don’t be too eager in the process of sex, not too “ruthless”, but need to be prepared and enjoy slowly.
  Winter Sex: Your body warms up and starts again. Do you belong to people whose hands and feet are cold and can’t warm up quickly?
Experts say that although the weather is cold, it can easily make your hands and feet feel cold, but if this situation occurs in winter and it is not easy to warm up, it is likely that the kidney is yang deficiency, which is what Chinese medicine calls “cold chills.”
  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is “a strong official and a trick”, which refers to the “trick” of the relative balance of yin and yang in charge of the kidney and strong function in order to have a normal sexual life.
If the kidney yang is insufficient, men will have impotence and premature ejaculation, and women will also have sexual dysfunction such as sexual apathy.
Some women enter menopause and have little interest in the same room, which may also be a manifestation of kidney yang deficiency.
  If it is kidney yang deficiency, sexual life is always uncoordinated, and it is inevitable to cope with it in winter.
In the long run, men are prone to weakened sexual function, and women are more likely to be cold.
Not only that, the body may also show signs of aging in advance, that is, aging before aging, which is manifested by the decline of the function of certain organs in the body, such as eyes that are swollen, tinnitus, memory loss, backache and so on.
Dr. Zhu suggested that in the cold season, couples warm each other’s bodies, use the true feelings and warmth to stimulate each other’s “sex” interest, let the body warm up, and then start a sexual life, you can get the “sex blessing” due.
  Dr. Zhu introduced some methods of adjusting kidney yang deficiency, which are simple and easy to implement.
You can insist on using hot water to soak your feet every night. It is better to add effective Chinese medicines, such as safflower; you can also prescribe some Chinese medicines for kidney and impotence, take it as prescribed by your doctor; exercise moderately before bedtime until your body warms; useMoxibustion and moxibustion in Yongquan point, the couple moxibustion the kidney and shu to each other, not only can achieve the effect of health care, but also greatly help sexual harmony.
  Tips: Insufficient warmth, beware of colds, “sneak attacks”, cold winter weather, couples who are naked and vulnerable to cold, meanwhile, their body resistance is reduced when they are tired, and they are most likely to cause colds.
Especially after the orgasm, the whole body is hot, and it is easy to ignore the warmth at this time. Some people don’t pay attention to dressing after sweating all over the body. Once they have a cold, the course of the cold will be longer, which is very harmful to the body.
Therefore, when couples have sex in winter, they must pay attention to keeping warm and preventing cold. You can prepare air conditioners or electric heaters in the bedroom and increase the indoor temperature before doing so to avoid cold caused by the low temperature.
  Winter Sexual Diet Feast: Winter male diets are also different from other seasons, and Tibetan spirits should be used mainly for cold protection.
Can eat more nutritious foods, such as lamb; and fruit and vegetable supplements should eat more vegetables rich in vitamins A, B, and C, such as cabbage, white radish, carrots, bean sprouts, rapeseed, apples,Oranges and so on.
In addition, when the temperature drops sharply in winter and the spleen is suffering from cold, you should also eat warm spleen foods, such as rice, lotus seeds, and coriander.
  Winter sex has to face the “test” of coldness and dryness, the warmth is not well done, and after the passion, be careful to catch a cold “sneak attack”.
In winter, the human body needs a lot of energy to keep out the cold, and sex life consumes more energy.
If you do not have a good grasp of sex during your sexual life, it will easily affect your body.
  Modern sex medical experts believe that regular sex life is good for human health.
Therefore, proper sexual life in the winter is still necessary.
However, couples should also pay attention to health care when they have sex in winter.
  Tip: Despise the consequences of “nurturing sperm”: scientific diet and enrich sperm.
Nowadays, people generally use high-fat, high-protein, high-calorie food as their main food, and their diet is very unbalanced, which will lead to excess nutrition and malnutrition.
Insufficient nutrition will inevitably change the composition of semen.
Because semen itself is composed of more than 52 kinds of substances such as proteins and vitamins.
Only with comprehensive nutrients can sperm be alive.
On the contrary, undernutrition, sperm will be hungry, half-lived, and the quality will be greatly reduced.
  Winter sex: It is best to start sexual life before falling asleep at night before falling asleep at night. Once you have completed sexual intercourse, you can sleep peacefully, which can restore physical strength.
But some men like to have sex in the early morning, which has more disadvantages.
During sex, many organs and tissues throughout the body are in a tense working state, and the nervous system is highly excited.
After sex is over, a process of rest and adjustment is needed.
  Tips: The impact of early morning sex in winter When you wake up in the morning, not only are the peaceful indoor and outdoor environments broken, but you also need to plan the day’s affairs. At this time, you have to do housework. The quality of sexual life may not be ideal, and it is also harmful to the body.
Especially in the cold season, because the body’s ability to protect against cold is poor after intercourse, it is easy to cause illness after getting up.
Of course, in order to improve sexual desire, some middle-aged and elderly people arrange sex life on Sunday morning, which is another matter.
  This shows that it is not appropriate to have sex in the early morning.Generally speaking, the romance of love is in the dim candlelight, in the faint fragrance, and the morning time belongs to the housework of children and couples.

  Winter sex: You must not be too eager or too “ruthless” in the process of controlling sex from the “ruthless” degree. This is to avoid unnecessary “sexual” injuries. You must also control the sexual frequency or appropriately.

  For women, anesthesia helps in the winter, and there will be a decrease in sexual desire, which is caused by the dryness of the vagina in the winter and dryness of the vagina.

Therefore, the period of playfulness in winter before sex is longer than in other seasons, in order to fully mobilize and stimulate women’s sexual desire, you can also use some syringes.

  Regardless of the appropriate controllable frequency, as long as both parties are truly happy, it can be sufficient, that is, the illustrative frequency is appropriate.

Of course, how to master the frequency of sex can vary from person to person.

There is a general principle that we should not forget: those who are young and prosperous may have more sexual intercourse, while those who are old and weak may have fewer intercourse.

Sexual life should be forbidden for severe illness.

For some people with excessive sexual desire, in order to avoid excessive physical exertion in winter, it is recommended to divide the bed and lie on the quilt to reduce the stimulation after physical contact.

For example, after sexual life, both parties feel tired and fatigued, even chills and colds, which indicates that sexual life is frequent and should be adjusted appropriately.

In short, your own feeling is your best instructor.