Women must urinate before and after the house!

Women must urinate before and after the house!

Miss Wu, who was newly married, just returned from her honeymoon in Hawaii. When she left her baggage, she rushed to the hospital for an emergency. She said that when she urinated, she felt like a knife-cutting pain, and her urine disappeared. She was almost restless on the plane.

After entering the urine test, a large number of red blood cells and white blood cells were found, which was confirmed as bladder moxibustion.

銆€銆€This kind of cystitis, like Miss Wu, occurs after sexual intercourse. Because bacteria pass through the urethra to the bladder, causing infection and inflammation, we especially call it 鈥渉oneymoon cystitis鈥? In addition, because many couples have sex earlier in marriage,The chance of suffering from an acute cystitis infection is greatly increased.

銆€銆€Its main symptom is that within 12 hours of sexual behavior, there will be a burning sensation in the urine, a tingling sensation, a lower abdominal pain, frequent urination, and even hematuria.

銆€銆€Why does sexual intercourse cause cystitis?

銆€銆€Because the penis is pumped back and forth in the vagina, the contraction pushes the woman’s urethra, which also brings bacteria near the vagina and anus into the urethra and bladder.

When the number of bacteria is small, the bladder has self-resistance (so not every time you make love, it will cause cystitis), but if you are used to urinating, or the intake of water is insufficient, the urine is concentrated, so that the residence time of the bacteria is prolonged, and the number is increased toTo a certain extent, it will cause inflammation.

Some women may notice that when the body is tired and tired, the resistance is reduced and it is more likely to cause infection.

銆€銆€Diagnosis is not difficult, and treatment is not difficult.

Just give the right antibiotics!

But be careful of its complications: acute pyelonephritis.

For patients with frequent cystitis, it should also be diagnosed with bladder stones and tumors.

銆€銆€For newcomers who are about to enter the auditorium, please pay attention to the following “teaching tactics” to reduce and prevent postpartum cystitis before the fun of the cave. Before sex, wash the genital area with water to reduce the perineum.Bacteria.

(It is not necessary to use soap or germicidal cleaning solution).

銆€銆€Before and after sex, don’t urinate, and drink enough water to empty the bladder, especially after urination. It is best to drink a large glass of water after finishing the operation, and then urinate and then go to bed.

銆€銆€Before going abroad for honeymoon, ask the doctor to prescribe some prescriptions in advance so as not to ask for help in a foreign country.