What food to eat in summer

Sun protection is the main topic of beauty in summer.

In fact, in addition to applying sunscreen, it does not prevent you from eating more sunscreen delicacies, and you can also resist UV rays while enjoying delicious food.

  1. Eat more fruits with high vitamin C.

Vitamin C is “eternal beauty sacred product”. If you want to have longer immunity and healthy and bright skin, it is not easy to sunburn. You should eat more fruits with high vitamin c content, such as guava, kiwi, strawberry, citrusWait.

  2, often eat soy products.

Isoflavone in soybean is a phytoestrogen, it also has antioxidant capacity, it is an irreplaceable food for women to maintain sexual vitality and shiny and delicate skin.

Among soy products, tofu and soy milk are better choices.

  3. Grab nuts for snacks.

Most vegetable oils in nuts are supplemented with vitamin E, which can help fight oxidation and eliminate free radicals.

Eating nuts often not only strengthens the brain, but also improves the beauty.

In addition, if you usually eat refined rice and white bread, it is recommended to add some coarse grains and miscellaneous grains, which can also supplement vitamin E.

  4. Two cups of tea a day.

Traditional research has pointed out that a variety of amino acids in tea can improve physical fitness.

American studies have found that drinking green tea or using skin care products that contain green tea ingredients can reduce sunburn, skin damage, and reduce the number of overlapping and rough peroxides.