Office workers eating at the office is not good for health.


Office workers eating at the office is not good for health.

Many office workers like to eat in the office because of the rhythm of work and the accelerated pace of life.

Nutrition experts warn that eating in the office is not only unsanitary, but also very unhealthy for your health.

銆€銆€Dr. Wang Jian, director of the Nutrition Department of Chongqing Xinqiao Hospital of the Third Military Medical University, said that in order to save time, office workers often take out lunch at the office and often bring breakfast to the office, which is very unhealthy for their health.

He said that eating in the office generally eats very quickly, and does not chew slowly. In the long run, it will affect digestion and absorption.

At the same time, eating too fast, it is not easy to have a feeling of fullness, which will increase the amount of food, leading to body weight.

銆€銆€Dr. Wang Jian said that in the office, it is called take-out. Many people like to choose fast foods based on junk food. This kind of fast food has a lot of manure and sugar, and the conversion is exceeding the standard.

In addition, when the takeaway reaches the office, it is often cold, and eating cold food can affect the gastrointestinal function.

Even if you use a microwave oven to heat a takeaway or bring your own meals in the office, it is not healthy, because repeated heating of the cooked food can lead to the loss of nutrients.

銆€銆€Dr. Wang Jian also reminded that there are health hazards in the office: parasitic surface, telephone receiver, mouse and keyboard, etc., are the “base camp” of bacteria, the possibility of bacterial infection is greatly improved, and it is easy to post cockroaches, ants, etc. to the office.