But don’t pay attention to 3 things, you will miss your life forever.

Want to rely on soup to keep healthy?
But don’t pay attention to 3 things, you will miss your life forever.

There, drinking soup is a habit of many people. Whether it is a carefully crafted old fire soup or a simple green vegetable soup, it is loved by many people.

Moreover, the soup is completely nutritious and easy to digest. It is suitable for most people to eat. Whether it is a regular meal or a banquet, the role of the soup is indispensable. It seems that the soup is part of our diet.

However, whether it is drinking soup before meals or drinking soup after meals also makes many people entangled. So different people have different opinions, even tangled, then is it good to drink soup before meals or to drink soup after meals?

It is more common to drink soup before meals. People who are more suitable for weight loss have said that soup before meals is both slim and healthy, so many people are used to drinking soup before meals.

In fact, this statement has some truth, because drinking soup before meals can even lubricate the relatively dry mouth and esophagus, reducing food directly stimulates the mucosa of the digestive tract, is conducive to digestion and absorption of food, and most importantly before meals.Drinking soup can also lose weight, because drinking soup can make people feel full of satiety, which can reduce appetite, so people who like to lose weight are more suitable for soup before meals.

Drinking soup after a meal generally affects digestion, and it is easy to over-nutrition leading to obesity, which will increase the incidence of many diseases.

Whether it is soup before meals or soup after meals, it is not advisable to drink too much. If young children who are growing up in the body drink too much soup before meals, they can not eat other foods.Poor nutrition or implanted nutrients affect the development of the body.

Therefore, we don’t have to worry too much about soup before meals or soup after meals. There is no absolute answer to this question. The most important thing is to learn how to drink soup is the most important thing.

Regardless of whether you drink soup before or after meals, the key is to learn how to drink soup: First, drink a soup with the right temperature. Some people like to drink hot soup. They think that drinking soup can warm the stomach, and when the weather is cold, they can warm up, but actually drink it.Soup, even if the soup is no longer nutritious, it is not good for human health.

Because people’s mouth, esophagus and stomach have the limit of temperature, generally can accept the temperature of about 60 degrees, more than this temperature will burn the mucous membrane or long-term high temperature stimulation to cause cancer.

Therefore, when drinking soup, you should drink a soup with the right temperature. It is more suitable for less than 50 degrees. Do not drink cold soup. It is easy to stimulate the stomach to affect digestion.

Second, do not eat soup, many people feel that when the meal is too dry, the soup is poured directly into the rice and mixed together, this is also an unhealthy way to drink soup.

Because the soup will make the rice soft, and reduce the chewing when eating, so that the food can reduce the chance of contact with the digestive enzymes in the saliva. If the food that has not been digested by saliva enters the stomach, it will increase the burden on the stomach and easily cause stomach disease.

So try not to use soup to make soup.

Third, drink soup to slowly drink soup, the slower the better, especially for people who need to lose weight is very important.

Extend the time of drinking soup, you can fully enjoy the taste of food, and it is easy to make people feel full of satiety. If you drink too much soup, you will drink a big bowl of soup and feel that you haven’t started eating yet.Then I ate a lot of food and finally found that I had already eaten too much.

What we advocate is that eating, not eating too much, will affect health, so when you drink soup, you can eat it more slowly and eat it just right.