Office workers don’t go to work on weekends because they are busy at work.


Office workers don’t go to work on weekends because they are busy at work.

Many working people are very busy at work, taking advantage of the weekend time to hurry up and sleep for a few hours every day, but always feel that they have not slept enough. After returning to work at the company, they have different levels of “difficulties”, even physically.Adverse reactions.

In progress, the experts said: the sensation must also follow the biological clock.

銆€銆€Many office workers now have 鈥渨eekend sleep syndrome鈥?. These people often do not get enough sleep during their normal work. They are very tired and have a daily mentality. This state will last for several weeks and then die in a few weeks.Sleeping to sleep for a long time.

Experts are very worried about this. “In fact, every 7 hours of sleep can destroy the human body clock, which will greatly affect the digestive power and hormone levels.

“The biological clock needs an ideal way of working.
鈥?When the sleep is irregular, the whole body of the person enters an irregular state.

Low appetite, nausea, depression, or inability to concentrate is one of the symptoms of “weekend sleep syndrome.”

Usually working hours are tight, work pressure is high, and the working population is not enough to sleep. It is best to make up for sleep 12 hours after staying up late, that is, sleep for one to two hours on the next day. If possible, sleep again at noon.The first half of the afternoon.

銆€銆€Experts reminded that you must not sleep in bed all day, more than 15 hours of sleep can also lead to confusion of the biological clock, it may also make it difficult to sleep.